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10 Ghastly Halloween Gadgets

Halloween is not only about fun, trick or treat and candies. Halloween should also include spooky and ghastly things. Since gadgets are an important part of our daily life, we thought that a top 10 of the most terrifying gadgets would be appropriate for this time of the year. So, here it goes:

1. The Exorcist Bed
The most ghastly and terrifying gadget is the exorcist bed. If you feel that your matress stops you from getting a good night sleep, then why not trying the exorcist bed. You’ll feel no matress at all.

For $3,999 you’ll get the perfect Halloween gadget. Whether it’s only you to try it or your friends, it will surely give you an incredible and unique experience. You’ll be lying on a cushion of air and float up to 5 feet off the surface. It is more than obvious that the effect is an illusion created with the help of pneumatics. Still, it’s worth having it since you’ll look like being possessed.

Exorcist Bed

2. Electronic serial killer shower curtain

Who doesn’t enjoy an invigorating shower? Well, you might not be into showers anymore after you try the electronic serial killer shower curtain. The good part of it is that it will make you feel more than alive!

The audio clips will be activated by motion as well as by sound. Once these are activated, you’ll hear the “Psycho” theme music followed by screams. You’ll also save water because you’ll definitely want to get out of there. You can get this scary Halloween gadget for only 419,98

Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain

3. Animatronic vortex tunnel
For those who want to throw a Halloween party and thus decorate their house appropiately, then the animatronic vortex tunnel is just the perfect entrance to their haunted house. The tunnel rotates around the platform and the backlights as well as the illuminated artwork complete the Halloween look perfectly.

You can go for the version that comes with 3D fabric. Glasses are needed to view this. The bad part is that this tunnel addresses only to those who have no spending limit. You’ll have to pay around $7,000 to enjoy it.

Animatronic vortex tunnel

4. ShockGunz

If you intend to scare your friends this Halloween, then Shockgunz is what you need. ShockGunz devices are portable cannons featuring bright lights as well as loud horns that come in different configurations.

So, if you want your friend to get scared, just sneak up behind him and pull the trigger. You don’t have to worry about getting arrested for owning this type of gun though. You can get it from $275 to $500.


5. Do It Yourself Spirit Radio


Even if your Halloween budget is limited you still can get a creepy gadget. One that you can do yourself. You’ll spend around $30 to get the materials you need to make a spirit radio.

You can see in the video below an updated version of Nikola Tesla’s spirit radio. The device is in fact a crystal radio circuit that is connected to a computer sound-in jack. Thus it generates strange and creepy sounds from different electromagnetic sources.

The movie shows how this device gives voice to a Mac Hyperspace screensaver by being sensitive to the screen synchronization RF frequencies.

6. Skulhub USB
Scare your friends with the skulhub USB. You can purchase it for $25 and what you’ll get is a knick knack holder and a 4-port USB. What’s great about it is that it looks like a real skul, so it’s one of the most ghastly Halloween gadgets you can get.


7. Fogging jack o’ lantern

If you are willing to spend around $500, then you can opt for the Fogging jack o’ lantern. Why go for a poorly carved and lit pumpkin when you can get this ghastly gadget to enter the Halloween spirit. The nose, the mouth and the eyes light up. The gadget uses a 6-gallon tank of water to produce fog.


8. Flashing light-up limbs

The 8th position in our top 10 of most ghasly Halloween Gadgets goes to the flashing light-up body parts. You can get these for only $19.99 You’ll surely scare some trick-or-treaters with these spooky limbs.

Light-up limbs

9. The Haunted Toilet Paper Roller

This is both fun and spooky. Fun for those using it and spooky for those listening to it. The toilet paper roller is activated by motions. Once activated, it will emit ghastly screaming and howling as well as moaning sounds. Use it to tell other people that your bathroom is haunted and thus make sure no one gets in there. You can get the toilet paper roller for $6,49.

Haunted toilet Paper Roller

10. Vibrating Hanging Maced Head

The last but not the least is the spooky vibrating hanging maced head. You can get it for almost $50 but the scary effects it produces are priceless. The gory and decapitated head will vibrate and thus simulate the human head. Ewwww! You can hang it at the door, in any room or porch.


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