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Microsoft’s Xbox Live Upgrade – Live TV And Kinect Voice Control

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Upgrade – Live TV And Kinect Voice Control

Xbox live is about to be taken at the next level. Microsoft announced a series of upgrades included in the new Xbox Live user interface that will redefine the understanding of entertainment on the television. This particular upgrade is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, …

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Xbox 360 console

Consoles are dying

I know, I know, it sounds preposterous, most of you have had a gaming console glued to your TV for as long as you can remember and some were even born with one permanently “there”. Despite this , despite the fact that Sony is lining …

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Is 2012 the year of a new Xbox?

Is 2012 the year of a new Xbox?

Seven years have passed since the introduction of Xbox 360 and now Microsoft announces a completely new Xbox for the summer of 2012. As a result of the hardware failure known as the “red ring of death” that made Xbox users send their unit back …

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Sony Playstation 3 Gamepad

Sony Claims us Gadgeteers Like our Gamepads

Of all the markets and areas in the world, technology and gaming would probably be the last place to look for stability and yet Sony says it’s here. Dr. Richard Marks, the guy who came up with the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye came forward …

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Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Claims Yahoo is Affecting Windows Phone 7 Devices

It’s not unusual for manufacturers to throw some friendly gauntlets around no matter the business they’re competing in but what Microsoft is doing is far from being a gentlemanly gesture. Let me explain. Ever since the Redmond giant came onto the market with the new …

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Netflix to Improve Streaming Service Soon

I just love it when consoles and services fight it out to outdo themselves. Whenever this happens the only real winner is the buyer, you, me, whoever else. The case in question is a competition between movie streaming services such as Netflix and VUDU, even …

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Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect Has The British Under a Spell

Today was the first day you could go to a shop and buy a new Kinect system for your Microsoft Xbox in the UK. And if you look at the recent headlines it’s been a great success. Reports came in of people queuing up since …

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