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25 Windows Phones Given To Discontent BlackBerry Users

25 Windows Phones Given To Discontent BlackBerry Users

Microsoft decided to give away 25 of its Windows Phones to those BlackBerry users unhappy with their device. The PC guy from Microsoft has tweeted about this saying that: “Dear Blackberry users, frustrated with your BB? Tell me why your want to upgrade to a …

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Magic W3

Is it a PC, is it a Smartphone or is it the Magic W3?

It’s no Superman super phone but the Magic W3 does have quite the gadget party piece. With impressive technology on it the Magic W3 leaves smartphone territory, somewhat. When you look at the specs the W3 offers you can clearly see it’s mostly a smartphone. …

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Nokia partners up with Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft Partner Up

We knew the Finnish at Nokia were in trouble lately as other manufacturers came up to take some market share. We also knew that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 sales haven’t been exactly the cream of the crop. Many haters would love to see these two …

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Flexiphone Concept

Devices From The Future: The Flexiphone

The Flexiphone, apart from having one of the stupidest names I’ve recently heard about, is a concept that has quite a lot of promise. Behind the Flexiphone idea stands an ingenious Brit who’s called Philip Pearce. Unlike most ingenious British people, he probably won’t have …

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Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Claims Yahoo is Affecting Windows Phone 7 Devices

It’s not unusual for manufacturers to throw some friendly gauntlets around no matter the business they’re competing in but what Microsoft is doing is far from being a gentlemanly gesture. Let me explain. Ever since the Redmond giant came onto the market with the new …

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Sales Perhaps Not Brilliant?

With Windows Phone 7 being available for a reasonable amount of time now it seems strange that Microsoft haven’t yet published any official sales figures. In fact, it’s so strange it’s grasped the attention of rumors. Some are suggesting that Windows Phone 7 attracts so …

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Dirt Cheap Windows Phone 7

Get Yourself a Dirt Cheap Smartphone

I’m not kidding, what if I were to tell you that one cent is enough to buy nearly 500 dollars worth of smartphone technology? You’d think I was trying to scam you wouldn’t you. Actually, I for one think that scamming somebody for one cent …

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Microsoft Online Store options

Windows Phone 7 Hits US Store Shelves

If you are the sort of person who’s phone doesn’t offer enough and yet doesn’t want to carry a laptop around you should definitely read on. If you’re a fan of Microsoft Windows or Windows Phone 7 you should also definitely read on. If you’re …

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Microsoft Silverlight Logo

Does Microsoft Silverlight Have a Future?

Does Microsoft’s Silverlight have a future for itself? Just what does Microsoft’s latest endeavor into the world of programming mean to the programmers of our time. Even more important than that is what Silverlight will mean to the programmers of tomorrow’s time. To do that, …

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The Lamborghini Gallardo in NFS Underover

Your Windows Phone 7 can help your Need For Speed

According to some of the most recent posts available on EA Mobile’s Facebook page, the development team has been busy. What the EA Mobile crew has been working on will make anybody who has a new Windows Phone 7 in their pocket. If you’re one …

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