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Google and Asus to Revolutionize Netbooks

With tablets leading the attack from the left and with smartphones closing in from the right one can easily assume the years of the netbook are soon to end. Well, while that may be the case at the moment, if the Taiwanese at Asus have …

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Bloodhound SSC

The Future, Like the Past, Has Us Looking for Speed

As one part of me is a speed freak and the other is a technology aficionado you can probably understand why I’m so chuffed about the news of people wanting more speed. In particular, it’s the British who are interested and who are building the… …

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Phase One IQ180

Phase One Launches 80 Megapixel Camera

In a world where even portable gaming consoles, not just smartphones have capable photographing ability, a device which is just a simple camera seems rather daft. However, when having a single purpose from a camera, or just about any device, you get a great deal …

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SARTRE render

SARTRE could be the future of transport in Europe

If you’re European you may have noticed that roads have recently started to get cluttered even outside towns, that’s where SARTRE comes in. SARTRE is a road safety project that has technology from Volvo behind it. The SARTRE project is supposed to help ease congestion, …

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Segway I2

German Puts Segway Into Top Gear

We all know about the Segway, it’s the sort of creation that makes¬†geeks rejoice and everybody else almost neutral to it. The Segway also had a few other problems, for example a number of countries had legislation came in contradiction with using it. Germany isn’t …

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Satellite launch

Broadband Satellite is About To Speed Up

For the typical user broadband satellite Internet access is something nearly irrelevant. In fact I’m pretty sure almost nobody would chose for broadband satellite unless they were give no choice. There is a serious reason behind the skepticism, broadband satellite access doesn’t offer that broad …

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