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Millions Of HP LaserJet Printers Vulnerable To Hackers

Millions Of HP LaserJet Printers Vulnerable To Hackers

Researchers from Columbia have found a security hole that affects millions of HP LaserJet printers as it gives hackers the possibility of installing dangerous firmware on the products. One way the researchers tested this possibility was by hacking a printer’ fuser, turning the paper brown …

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Obama dead tweets

Twitter Hacking reaches Fox News Politics account

Lately there’s been a bit of an increased hacking activity aimed at more or less important Twitter accounts. Today however, on the 4th of July no less, American political news readers got quite the unpleasant gift. After having hacked the twitter account of Fox News’ …

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FBI wanted level raised against LulzSec

Notorious hacker group LulzSec has been having a blast recently and while we enjoy how they’ve been acting out, the FBI isn’t. The law enforcement agency is aware of LulzSec’s plans to soon retire so they just announced an increased level of concentration on this …

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Takes Different Approach to Unlocking Bootloaders

The moment many smartphone enthusiasts wished for has finally arrived, well, at least it has for Sony Ericsson, and even for them it’s somewhat limited. In a what’s a weird mix between enthusiasm, hacking curiosity and a wish to improve customer involvement, Sony Ericsson have …

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Sony Playstation 3

Sony sue PlayStation 3 Hackers

It’s not all exactly fun and games over at Sony right now as the Japanese prepare for legal action over a situation with the PlayStation 3. Why would Sony be going to court over the PlayStation 3? Well, because only last month, a group of …

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Anonymous Wikileaks Defenders

Wikileaks’ Defenders Aim for Tunisian Government Sites

I’ll admit to this being a surprise to me. I thought that upon Julian Assange being granted bail the Wikileaks hacking stories and scandals would wind down or even disappear. I was wrong, very wrong as today we find out that Anonymous, the hacker group …

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Mobile Phone hacking

Mobile Phone Conversations Can Be Easily Hacked

Hearing that what you talk about on your mobile phone can be intercepted by the Government is bad enough, hearing it can be done by your loudmouth neighbour is even worse. Specifically in the wake of finding out that Google Android powered mobile phones are …

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