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Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 review, even after a good couple of months from its release, can only have more on the plus side, this particular smartphone getting better and better each and every day.

When doing a galaxy s2 review, one must point out the impressive capabilities which come along with this Samsung flagship. The first things that come to mind are the incredible speed of this smartphone, the amazing display, the 8MP camera with 1080p video recording, all wrapped up with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, that will soon be changed to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Worth mentioning in a galaxy s2 review is the fact that in order to obtain such a smartphone with amazing capabilities packed in a light and slim case that defies the laws of physics, one must prepare the right amount of money. Galaxy s2 price differs, depending on the choice of either monthly deal (with a galaxy s2 price starting at $10), or a pay as you go deal (with a galaxy s2 price starting at $550).

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

A galaxy s2 review is needed at this point in time mainly because there have been lots of software updates since the smarphone’s launch, making the 2011 Samsung flagship better in various ways.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4

Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4


Right of the beginning of a galaxy s2 review it must be pointed out that, being an Android based smartphone, the galaxy s2 is the perfect example of Google’s pragmatic design when it comes to the user-interface. In contrast with iPhone’s 4 friendly interface, Android tends to pack dark corners packed with a multitude of menus.

What’s more, when it comes to galaxy s2 apps, those are quite crowded with virtual buttons and significant more options in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 4.

Android’s performances when it comes to usability tend to improve exponentially with every update it receives, and that’s well resembled in a galaxy s2 review. Android platform is getting better each day, and will probably reach its full capabilities costumer-wise in a couple of years; even so, each update brings joy in the hearts of users.

Returning to the galaxy s2 review, regarding the general performance of the phone, galaxy s2 browsing being extremely fast due to its dual-core processor, everything running smoothly without any delay or spikes. When it comes to the general performance, galaxy s2 is better than the iPhone 4, the galaxy s2 price being quite similar to the iPhone’s 4.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Home screens and widgets

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Home screens and widgets

In this part of the galaxy s2 review the discussion reaches the general home screens and widgets. Much like all the other latest Android smartphones, galaxy s2 has seven home screens embedded in its interface, each being used for storing various shortcuts and widgets that help to access the mostly used galaxy s2 apps.

If you are new to Android, when you first power up the galaxy s2, it may seem that the home screen is just full of icons and boxes that don’t really have any purpose, but after the confusion has passed, and with a little patience to learn the galaxy s2 capabilities, this Samsung flagship will become a tool that you’ll want to manipulate.

To remove galaxy s2 apps shortcuts / widgets from the home screens, just hold a finger on them then drag them to the bottom of the screen (where the bin is), or drag them to left / right in order to change the location of the shortcut to another position or on another home screen.

In order to make galaxy s2 apps shortcuts, simply hold a finger on them (in the applications tab) and a pop-up will appear that allows the creation of a shortcut in one of the home screens.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Galaxy S2 Apps and Games


 Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Galaxy S2 Apps and Games

The real fun begins with the galaxy s2 apps and games. Included in the multitude of galaxy s2 apps are: Samsung’s traditional apps, pre-loaded third-party apps and carrier apps. There are literally millions of galaxy s2 apps available either for purchase or for free.

At this point in the galaxy s2 review, it is worth mentioning that the best app, by far, is the Task Manager, which can solve all kinds of problems with efficient monitoring and closing down galaxy s2 apps by user’s choice. Task Manager can also be used to preserve battery life and even offers a tutorial regarding this matter. Task Manager is surely one of those galaxy s2 apps that make the difference when it comes to preserving and enhancing the phone’s capabilities.

Yet another great addition that comes with the phone is the Polaris Office, being the perfect tool in order to create and edit Word, Excel and even PowerPoint files. Polaris Office isn’t quite as good as Microsoft’s Office for desktop, but it’s extremely useful as a mobile application and should on the galaxy s2 apps as a must-have.

There are some app stores that can complete your desired galaxy s2 apps, such as Samsung App Store, Music, Ebook and Gaming Hubs, but all those can be easily replaced by Android Market and Amazon MP3 store.

Galaxy s2 review should also include all the voice features implemented by Google, that try to offer limited features of Siri, or at least that is the impression at times.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Notifications

 Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – notifications

One of the best examples of the galaxy s2 capabilities is represented by the notification bar. The notification bar can be used to browse through certain features such as: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound and Auto rotation settings. The notification bar can be used to easily access all those features and more in order to save time or to save battery life. The notification bar also includes pop-ups of new emails, messages and other notifications.

Even though there is still room for improvement when it comes to the notification bar, it still remains an important part of galaxy s2 review.

  •  Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Specs

Regarding the specs of this amazing phone, galaxy s2 features a super AMOLED Plus display, with 16M colors, a resolution of 480×800 in a 4.3-inch display, powered by a dual core processor and 1GM of RAM memory and 16GB of internal storage, upgradeable via microSD card.

Galaxy S2 supports GPRS and EDGE class 12 data,Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0. Being powered by Android Gingerbread, the phone’s primary camera has 8 mega-pixels (3264×2448 pixels) with autofocus and LED flash; also, the camera can record HD videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second.

This amazing Samsung flagship of 2011 has incredible capabilities and its performance still brings it world-wide success. We hope you found this galaxy s2 review useful, and if you’re interested in buying this smartphone, it can be yours, galaxy s2 price being ~$10 for monthly deals and ~$550 for the Sim-free version.


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