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World of Tanks – long term review

I’m almost a year away from celebrating my first year of activity within the World of Tanks realm and I reckon I’m ready to give you a totally biased opinion on it.

Since the last time we covered the tanking MMORPG, there have been numerous patches released each bringing along improvements and balance fixes.

In major lines, the 0.6.6 patch was the one that covered the German technology tree and then there was a bit of time lost in matchmaking and the addition of maps.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Patch 0.7.1 brought along a partial French tank tree in early January of this year and Patch 0.7.2 revised the American tree only last month round up the major changes.

Each of these updates brought along a lot of controversy, people threatening to leave the game or stop spending money on it and so on.

Though there’s a lot of anger on the forums and ingame chat the population seems to be blooming.

Having spent more than four weeks of in game time, some money on in game content and having gone through several thousands of battles I would like to say something about the whole experience.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

I’m an average player and yet there are so many occasions on which I feel simply awesome. The average smattering of rage quitting, cheating accusations of poor players are great for one’s ego.

Taking up World of Tanks is really a world away from other MMORPGs. You can have fun without joining a clan (guild) and though teamwork is very important, you can still go rogue and cut off a few… turrets.

The magic of World of Tanks is that you might find yourself addicted and playing for days on end but you can also find the “quit” button and press it with relative ease.

Not playing WoT for a weekend will not see you fall behind, get evicted or miss out on the awesome item somebody spent eight hours using repetitive skills in a fictional cave.

Now that I’ve talked like the back of a brochure about World of Tanks i’d like to mention some flaws it has:

  • below average multi-core processor support;
  • occasional cases of getting stuck;
  • occasional 0 damage penetrating hits;
  • only one playing mode is available (random battles);
  • a rather defective scouting system;
  • 1v1 battles are often heavily unbalanced.

That’s quite the list but Wargaming promises fixes for most of these problems being right around the corner.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Since I’ve been playing I’ve seen graphics performance constantly improved and adaptations to the spotting and camouflage systems.

World of Tanks never seemed to be unbalanced in the way equipment is distributed on either teams. I think that players often fall short of what their tanks can do.

When that happens a 15v15 battle could easily become a 10v15 battle which creates a considerable struggle for the players that are actually capable.

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