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A better search engine than Google: DuckDuckGo review

Anonymous hackers popularized a new search engine that seems to be much better than the old Google. Its name is DuckDuckGo and registered a number of 1,5 millions searches per day. This means it grown with over 227% since the end of the last year.

DuckDuckGo review

How DuckDuckGo became so popular?

It all started in January, this year, when its developers redesigned this search engine and when users found out that DuckDuckGo offers a better privacy than Google. The numbers started to grow especially when Google changed their privacy politics, tracking every search of its users.

Easy to be used, DuckDuckGo seems to be a true alternative to Google, representing, now, one of the most popular search engines.

DuckDuckGo review

DuckDuckGo features

Some of the features that DuckDuckGo provides are pretty amazing:

First feature that is amazing at DuckDuckGo is that it never stores your IP address. Also, it doesn’t keep logs that have user information, great thing for those who want to stay anonymous while they are searching for things on the internet.

DuckDuckGo has some other important features, such as: a lack of ads, relevant results (not as Google offers lately), more search suggestions, it is not personalized in any way, it offers infinite scroll, it has !bang commands.

DuckDuckGo review

DuckDuckGo: best search engine

duckduckgo review

For me, DuckDuckGo seems to be one of the best search engines that exists at this moment on the market. Gabriel Weinberg, its creator and the one that sold The Names Database to United Online (NASDAQ:UNTD) in 2006 for 10 millions dollars, said that all the dev team that works at DuckDuckGo is working to improve the user experience on this search engine. Let’s hope that they will keep doing the good job and will not broke it, as the Google team made with their product.

DuckDuckGo review

Top 5 alternatives to Google

If you don’t like this alternative to Google, here is a list of some of the most popular search engines:


alternative to google

This is an impressive search engine for those who have school work to do or need to fins some obscure information, since it doesn’t offer results based on the link popularity, as Google does.


alternative to google

This search engine offers something new on this domain: instead of bringing a list of links, it will provide you a tag cloud on the left of the screen.

Clusty Search

alternative to google

A more organized Google alternative is Clusty Search. You will gain a lot of time thanks to the categories provided by this search engine.

Dog Pile

alternative to google

If you are looking for quality search results, than Dog Pile is your answer, since it will perform multiple searches for your term and bring up the most relevant ones.


alternative to google

With a minimalist black homepage, Cuil, offers also images and other resources, fact that can be very useful for those who are interested in specific things.

But, again, our recommendation as an alternative for Google goes for DuckDuckGo, this very popular search engine that seems to be appreciated by people all over the world and, especially, by hackers from Anonymous.

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