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Experiential Marketing Companies

Being a relatively new and unique approach when it comes to marketing techniques, experiential marketing not only gives its costumers a strong desire of purchasing a product, but it cleverly exploits human elements (such as emotions and logic) in order to acquire a great result in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

The concept used by experiential marketing companies is to establish an almost instant connection between the potential buyer and the presentation of the product. This method of creating a link between the product and the potential costumer (using emotional and rational factors) is proven to be a more effective process in comparison with the traditional means of advertising.

Experiential marketing companies are appealing to a variety of human senses in order to inspire thoughts like pleasure, comfort (emotional elements), as well as a strong sense of practicality, resembling the rational element(s) that can offer an entire vision of the product, in the end making the potential costumers interested in the particular product presented. In order to do so, such companies require a solid grasp regarding the mindset of the audience that needs to be attracted.

Once the mind of the costumer is fully understood, the marketer / company can start to exploit the likelihood of thoughts and feelings and the only thing left to do is to offer the right impulse that can steer the buyer to purchase the product at hand.

Of course, there are many ways to accomplish such tasks, some being done at a basic level and others being more elaborate. In order to raise the chances of success, the main objective would be to engage multiple senses, as many as possible (in order to have a strong impact upon the targeted audience).

Experiential marketing schemes such as websites or print ads must present powerful visual elements, but to an extent in which those are not just visually appealing; their primary goal is to steer enjoyable emotions to the ones that visualize them. Once this goal is fulfilled, the product or service presented will become more desirable for potential costumers.

Being a complex model, experiential marketing can easily connect with potential costumers on multiple levels, becoming a viable strategy when it comes to marketing campaigns or modern sales.

In the past, traditional techniques of advertising were successfully used, these being the 30 second ads that aired via television or radio. Even though the impact made by those ads was acceptable in the past, people nowadays tend to avoid this approach.

Therefore, ads on the internet and print media seem to be the descendants of the 30 second ads, offering a better perspective when it comes to advertising a product or service by appealing to all human senses in order to attract attention and consolidate desire.

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