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Windows 8 Start Menu Search

Windows 8 Start Menu search is one of the great features you’ll enjoy in this version of the operating system. Windows 8 will be coming with a bunch of whole new things and features that will take the overall computer experience to a whole new level. Yesterday, we were letting you know about the new Task Manager that Windows 8 developers have worked on. Today, we’re focusing on the new Windows 8 Start Menu Search.

Using the search from the start menu has been used as the most rapid way to find as well as to launch apps. The more apps you install on your computer, the more important the search and organizational tools become.

How developers got to the new Windows 8 Start Menu search. Well, it’s a long story. The Start menu search box that we use and know today has appeared first with Windows Vista. This made it less complicated for users to find what they were interestd in, that is applications, settings or files both in the personal documents and on the desktop.

Thus, the settings and programs were combined in one group and different types of results in one view. So, if you didn’t see something you were interested in here, then you had to click “See all results”. This way you could see the rest of the results in Windows Explorer.

 Windows 8 Start Menu

With Windows 7 things changed. Besides the Control Panel pages, detailed Control Panel tasks started to be included in the results. You could focus more on a certain type of results thanks to the new organization Windows 7 came up with. The Control Panel items have then been separated into a group that didn’t include programs.


Research has shown that the Window 7 Start Search is mainly used to launch programs (67% of all searches). Only 22% of the Start Menu searches have been used for file accounts and 9% for Control Panel items.


Things will change once again with Windows 8. Though Windows 8 Start Menu Search will combine some of the Windows 7 Start Menu features with new things, it will still bring a whole new experience regarding the Start menu searches. Thus, each of the system groups (that is Apps, Files and Settings) will be given an unique view.

It is expected that people will be installing a lot of apps with Windows 8 and if the Windows 8 Start menu search hadn’t been changed, then the search results for a Control Panel item would have appeared after the program and app results had made their appearance.

Plus, Windows 7 showed a limited number of serarch results. Thus, you could see 3 or 4 results for each group. You couldn’t see many of the search results. This no longer happens with Windows 8 Start Menu Search. And that’s why each view has been tailored for the exact type of content you want to see.

Another improvement of Windows 8 Start Menu search is that several keyboard shortcuts have been created in order to reduce the number keystrokes needed to either find or launch different settings, files or apps. Therefore, the Win key+W shortcut will take you to the settings search results and WIN key + F to the file search results.

The apps search results display a set that includes all the apps whose name matches with the term used in the search. The new app searching will filter the apps so you can get to the one you’re looking for. Take a look at how this looks like:


Windows 8 Start Menu Search will preserve the Most Frequently Used feature, so it will be easy for you to find the app you use most. Besides this, it will also keep the simplicity of getting to the Start menu. You will have to use the same methods to start the Windows 8 Start menu search: click the start button or use the Windows key. After that you’ll just have to type the name of the app or file you’re interested in.

In what the search settings experience is concerned, we know that Windows 8 Start Menu Search will bring together the Control Panel items and settings in one view.


Windows 8 Start Menu Search developers and engineers have given importance to the file search as well. PC users permanently increase the number of the files and documents they have on their computer. Therefore, Windows 8 Start Menu Search tries to make things simple and easy.

The very helpful search suggestions feature will be available in Windows 8 Start Menu Search. These will help you use relevant search terms and thus get to what you’re looking for more rapidly.

Search-suggestions in Windows 8

With Windows 8 Start Menu Search, the file search results will use filters and thus reduce the results to the those of the type of file you’re looking for. You will get much easier and faster to the right search results thanks to the contextual information (including size and type) that is displayed for each file.

If you hover over a file search result using your mouse, you will see extra details related to that file as you can see in the image below.

Additional details for file search results

Another good thing about Windows 8 Start menu search is that you can switch search views keeping your hands on the keyboard. As you can see in the image below, by pressing the down arrow key, you will switch to Settings search. If you then press Enter, you will see the Settings search results.



Windows 8 Start Menu Search also preserves Windows 7 Advanced Query Syntax if you are in need of more precision and a greater control when you construct the query to get the results you want.

So far, there have been presented the improvements and features of Windows 8 Start Menu Search for keyboard users. You will be able to enjoy this new design of the Windows Start Menu search while using a touch keyboard as well.

So, if you want to launch the search from the Windows 8 Start Menu using a touch keyboard, you’ll just have to swipe the edge and then just tap on the Search charm. By doing so you will get to a list of all the installed applications. The search suggestions as well as touch-friendly filters will help you reduce the typing on a touchscreen and get to the app you want faster.

It is obvious that Windows 8 Start Menu search has been significantly improved in a way that will provide greater efficiency regardless of the Windows device or input mechanism you use. The overall search experience will be taken to a new level.

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