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The new Adobe Reader X is here and better

One of the few names in software that just about anybody interacts with in one form or another, Adobe, has just launched and published a raft of information on the latest version of their PDF reader.

Since the new version is the 10th iteration the fact that it’s called Adobe Reader X is relatively appropriate but the big question is, if the latest version of this product is a genuine improvement over the previous Adobe Reader 9.4 or is it just that extra bit of marketing?


According to Adobe’s senior product director for Acrobat, a certain Mr. Rick Brown, the new Adobe Reader X contains the best software kit for the job but we’re gonna have to look a bit deeper into this, in order to find out if this is true or not.

Starting from the top, the most important change to come with Adobe Reader X is the acknowledgement of the company of a certain truism according to which, at least half of all the PDF files opened by users are used directly into the Internet browser of choice. With this information it seems that the Adobe team has focused on moving away from the rather confusing situation where a user is faced with two interfaces:one of the browser and one of the nested PDF reader.

The changes  Adobe Reader X is offering makes an easier life with that situation as in, the nested interface is still there but it’s very discrete now and a lot easier to use.  According to Adobe’s press release the Reader X browser nesting features a minimal interface offering no more than basic functions such as printing, searching or surfing through the document.

Since this nested interface is the best part of the development work of the Adobe Reader X, the company has already successfully completed the testing of it in compatibility to Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari but unfortunately (and very disappointingly to me) it isn’t ready to work with Google Chrome at full capacity.

Of course if there’s any chance that you’re that kind of user who’s not willing to let go of their accustomed interface apparently Adobe Reader X will offer you the option of using the “classic” menus.

Moving away from the nesting interface, another of the Adobe Reader X’s new components is the revolutionized online PDF creation service. The new online PDF creation service offers much more than what it did before and it also offers a set of capabilities that are apparently somewhere beyond e-mail. One of these capabilities is the possibility to generate reports of  those who viewed a document and the ability to set a time period in which a viewer can see the PDF.

While Adobe’s new Reader X can be attained for free, the online service will be billing you at a cent under $10 a month and as far as the new PDF creator from Adobe, the Acrobat X is concerned while it does offer a few new nifty capabilities for the latest version its price will probably put a few people off as it’s going to cost $299 or just $139 for an upgrade from the previous version.

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