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Top of the Most Succesful IT Young Millionaires

Analysts from H&R Block Company recently finished a top regarding the richest young men in the field of IT. The top consists of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world that are yet to reach the age of 30. It seems that all those that made it into the top first started a business in their teens. After having a closer look at these successful young men, one can see the true impact of IT in the modern society and, why not, one can be inspired to start a business that in time can make millions.

Mark Zuckerberg - $17.5 billion Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is the richest young man that obtained this title in the field of IT. His true success started at a young age, when he founded the social networking service: Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was co-founder of Facebook (in 2004) and he became the world’s youngest billionaire as of 2008. Now, at the age of 27, Mark Zuckerberg’s worth is estimated at $17.5 billion.

Due to his success in the field of IT, Mark Zuckerberg received Time’s Person of the Year award in 2010. Mark Zuckerberg started as a computer programmer and shortly after he became a successful internet entrepreneur. World wide, he is well known as the co-creator of Facebook, where he is chief executive.

Being a student at Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook on February 4, in the year 2004. Facebook originally started only as a college project, but is rapidly spread across Universities and it became the ultimate social network service. Since Facebook became popular, Mark Zuckerberg turned down a couple of offers from Companies that wanted to buy Facebook. The young billionaire explained that he wanted his project to remain an open information flow for everyone.

Andrew Mason - $1.3 billion Groupon

andrew mason groupon

Andrew Mason is one of the founders and CEO of Groupon Company, a website that offers substantial discounts on local businesses. Andrew Mason started his own business at the age of 15, when he created a delivery service called Bagel Express.

As far as Groupon Company is concerned, this is a deal-of-the-day website created by Andrew Mason that offers discounts and gift certificates that can be used at local/national companies.
Since its launch in 2008, Groupon rapidly grew into a big corporation, spreading in mode than 150 markets in North America only, and 100 markets world-wide.

Andrew Mason’s company is estimated to have 35 million registered users. At the moment, Groupon is owned by ThePoint Inc. with Andrew Mason being CEO. Regarding his wealth, Andrew Mason is worth $1.3 billion in present days, at the age of 26.

Blake Ross - $150 million Mozilla Firefox 

Blake Ross

Blake Ross is an American software developer, born in Miami, Florida, who is best known for his contribution to the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Black Ross also worked on Spread Firefox project, and he is currently working for Facebook as Director of Product.

While working on Netscape, Black Ross lost his interest in the browser he was developing at that time and focused his attention to an easier-to-use web browser that could have viability world-wide; therefore, Blake Ross started to work on this particular project that became what we know today as Mozilla Firefox. Being released in 2004, when Blake Ross was only 19, Firefox shortly became one of the world’s greatest web browsers, competing even with Internet Explorer. Firefox acquired no less than 100 million downloads in less than a year from launch.

Mozilla Firefox is a totally free and open source web browser managed and owned by Mozilla Corporation. Statistics so far indicate that Firefox is the second most widely used browser, being the choice of over 25% of the world-wide usage share of web browsers.
Currently at the age of 26, Blake Ross has a fortune estimated to be $150 million.

Gurbaksh Chahal - $100 million Radium One

Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal, age 29, is an Indian-American author and internet entrepreneur. By the time he was 25, Chahal founded and sold two advertising companies, making $340 million in the process.
As far as the IT field is concerned, Gurbaksh Chahal is well known for being founder, chairman and CEO of Radium One.

Radium One serves as an online advertising network which was founded in 2009 by Gurbaksh Chahal, as the third such project started by the Indian-American. Being an advertising network, RadiumOne brings advertisers together in Real-Time-Bidding and uses UserMatch inventory. With the headquarters in San Francisco and having only 150 employees, RadiumOne is currently the leading system in the industry of online advertising.

Creating online advertising systems, Gurbaksh Chahal made a fortune estimated at $100 million.

Naveen Selvadurai - $80 million Foursquare

Naveen Selvadurai

Born in Tamil Nadu, India, Naveen Selvadurai is a successful young internet entrepreneur, best known as the co-founder of networking site Foursquare.

After graduating from King’s College London in UK and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in US, Naveen Selvadurai started working with companies such as: Lucent, Nokia, Sony and Sun Microsystems. Shortly after, he started his own mobile social networking site known as Foursquare.

Foursquare website is a social networking system made for devices such as smartphones. Users ‘check-in’ using this mobile service or communicate via text messaging. Foursquare is very popular simply because its area of functionality isn’t restricted to certain countries, therefore it is available world-wide.

Currently at the age of 28, Naveen Selvadurai has a fortune of $80 million.

Angelo Sotira - $75 million deviantArt 

Angelo Sotira

Angelo Sotira is yet another young and successful internet entrepreneur, known as the co-founder of deviantArt on August 7, 2000. Angelo Sotira started deviantArt at the age of 19, this being his second company, after founding a music sharing site called Dimension Music, which was sold a few years later.

As far as deviantArt is concerned, this is an online community that promotes user-made artwork. The goal of deviantArt is to provide a solid platform for both amateur and experienced artists in order to exhibit and discuss artworks, such as: digital art, photography, traditional art, filmmaking, literature, skins for applications, Flash and others. DeviantArt even provides downloadable resources in the form of tutorials and stock photography.

At the age of 30, as the co-founder of deviantArt, Angelo Sotira gained a fortune estimated at $75 million.

Tim O’Shaughnessy & Eddie Frederick -$45 million Living Social Company

Tim O’Shaughnessy & Eddie Frederick

Tim O’Shaughnessy & Eddie Frederick are brilliant young internet entrepreneurs that co-founded Living Social Company, which was launched in 2007.

Having great success in the electronic commerce, Living Social earned its success being a startup company that offers discounts and daily deals; deals that change each and every day. In order to redeem the vouchers after buying a certain deal, members can print out their vouchers or even download the LivingSocial app on their smartphones and use this digital way in order to obtain the wanted voucher.

At the age of 28, as the co-founder of LivingSocial, Tim O’Shaughnessy obtained a fortune estimated to $45 million, equal to the fortune earned by co-founder Eddie Frederick, age 29.

Matthew Mullenweg – $40 million Wordpress

Matthew Mullenweg

Matthew Mullenweg, born in Huston, Texas, is a successful online social media entrepreneur as well as web developer. Matthew Mullenweg started lots of projects, but he is well known as the main developer of WordPress, now owned by WordPress Foundation.

WordPress is a free and open source web software used for blogging and content management system. WordPress is powered by MySQL and PHP, offering free services to bloggers and other domains of activity throughout the internet. With the initial release dating back to 2003, WordPress became a viable choice for bloggers world-wide.

As the primary founder and developer of WordPress, Matthew Mullenweg (age 28) earned a fortune estimated at $40 million.

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