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Nokia Lumia 800 And 710 Top Travel Apps

With all the upcoming winter holydays, most of us are on a tight schedule in planning a vacation. Of course, it can get tough to book a flight, to rent a car or to book reservations on hotels and restaurants especially in this time of the year. Therefore, if the initial planning didn’t quite go as expected, there are still available methods in order to ensure everyone a nice and relaxing vacation. One of those methods includes the most trusted travel apps Nokia Lumia has to offer.


This particular Nokia Lumia app is one of the best travel apps for Nokia Lumia and it is completely free. With KAYAK, one can compare deals for hotels, flights, car rental bookings and even hotel bookings. The management section provides options such as the trip itinerary, where one can revisit or plan the objectives of the trip. All kind of information is available through KAYAK app.

2. TripAdvisor

This app is quite similar with KAYAK, offering detailed comparison between hotels, restaurants, etc. Also, a specific feature is available, where one can read reviews made by persons that chose a targeted option, as well as seeing vacation photos from other users.

3. Tripmate247

Tripmate247 is an app available for Nokia Lumia that can book hotels, flights, events, rental cars, etc directly from one’s phone. The information is stored via multiple channels, and so it can be checked on mobile phones as well as computers or laptops. Trip details can be shared via this app using SMS, Facebook and email support. A special feature calculates how much a particular trip would cost, using the wanted currency displayed.

4. Wikitude World Browser

This application compatible with Symbian is one of the first augmented reality apps ever to exist, with its sole purpose to inform the user. It scans surrounding and displays geo-referenced content of the wanted object. It also displays lists and maps with local content.

5. Poynt

Last but not least, Poynt app for Nokia Lumia provides information regarding weather forecast, cinemas, restaurants and other wanted services one should look for while in a vacation.


Using such applications can significantly increase the comfort provided by a vacation, have lots of practical uses.

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One thought on “Nokia Lumia 800 And 710 Top Travel Apps

  1. This is a great list of apps, from Poynt for the local recommendations and weather reports to Tripmate247 and the Trip Advisor app, these all came in super handy. Now, over the course of the last few trips I’ve taken, my favorite app for travel has become the TV Everywhere app.. I learned about the TV Everywhere app through my job at DISH, and when they first released it I picked it up in case someone had a question about it, but now I love it, and use it almost daily. I can watch live or recorded TV anywhere in the world I can get wifi or a 3G connection. Simply a MUST for any traveler.

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