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Microsoft’s Xbox Live Upgrade – Live TV And Kinect Voice Control

Xbox live is about to be taken at the next level. Microsoft announced a series of upgrades included in the new Xbox Live user interface that will redefine the understanding of entertainment on the television. This particular upgrade is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, this week.

Having in mind futuristic applications of the television, Microsoft came up with a new and better interface for the Xbox 360. This update includes a lot of new and upgraded options when it comes to watching TV using the Xbox. Another upgrade is the improvement of the voice control designed to ease the browsing and reduce the delay from one command to another.

The upcoming update is announced to be the biggest in recent years, regarding the evolution of Xbox, with Microsoft being able to retrieve data and develop new ideas in order to release a massive update that should be able to make Xbox Live more than just the online gaming service it was up until now. The idea behind this project is to make all the content easier to access and to improve the overall experience.

From now on, Xbox Live users can expect a more pleasing experience with updated and new features such as: on-demand TV, movies, user-generated videos and others. The new update is estimated to be ready for use after just a couple of minutes of downloading.

The Kinect  voice control system is believed to work better than the past experience, minimizing any flaws one had encountered while using older versions of Xbox Live. The new user interface reminds of Metro and the buttons look like those for Windows Phone 7 devices. These changes were made in order to be able to use the interface quicker than before, minimizing the time needed in order to perform various actions.

With this update installed, the users will be able to stream videos on television using a smartphone equipped with Windows 7 operating system, the only requirement being the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone.

With cloud storage technology, one can log into the specific gamertag identity on any Xbox 360, thus it can play in-progress movies or load saved games bound to an account on any Xbox 360. This is one of the new concepts brought by the update.

A lot of progress has been made since the original release of the Xbox 360, now the console being able to do so much more than it did in the past, becoming one of the most impressive consoles and entertainment devices. As time passes and new updates become available, the result becomes more and more pleasing, making Xbox a necessity in any modern home, with its applications being meant to all variety of ages and people.

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