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Living Earth Simulator (LES) Supercomputer That Predicts The Future

If you happen to stumble upon a problem regarding the prediction of the future, a new project may come in handy: the new supercomputers that can accurately predict some aspects of the near and far future, named The Living Earth Simulator, or LES. Created by scientists, this project aims to simulate events that could take place on Earth, based on data collected from its history, primary via the internet.

The Living Earth Simulator is funded by the European Union and its costs rise up to 900 million pounds. In theory, the program could be able to predict a long range of events, including the spread of disease, financial crisis and other negative or favorable incidents. If proven accurate, LES could replace the traditional economic models that are used in the present, making it easier to predict economic events.

Given that almost all statistics are in close relation with human actions across the world, many of the Earth’s future problems can be detected and prevented before taking place, thus eliminating the factors that create the issues in the first place.

The physical size is strongly reflected by the magnitude of the project itself: huge amounts of data are being stored in huge supercomputers and a super analytic speed is required in order to manipulate all the data and come with a viable prediction. The magnitude of the project is also reflected in the number of the computer science centers involved: no less than 30 different centers are working together in order to create this massive supercomputer. A newly formed consortium (consisting of Oxford and Edinburgh Universities) was established in order to aid this project, expecting great results.

The project itself remains a subject of debate between scientists, some claiming that such a big money-spending idea could turn out to be a waste of time and effort to the parts involved. The results should be able to answer this criticism and whether or not LES is capable of giving accurate predictions, or just some inconclusive, unrealistic data regarding the future.

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One thought on “Living Earth Simulator (LES) Supercomputer That Predicts The Future

  1. Human technology is evolving much more rapidly than the society that it comes from. Soon, systems like this one will be so exceptionally astute with their collection and use of data that they will be able to accurately predict any potential outcomes of a given scenario, allowing those who can afford machines like this to effectively control other humans by predicting their behaviour in advance.

    While it’s absolutely imperative that we keep struggling, as a society, to innovate in these ways and develop technologies that have the potential to improve life for all of humanity, at some point we have to ask ourselves if humans are ready for the technology we’re now able to create. Is it worth computer scientists creating Strong AI if that AI then wipes out most of humanity? Is it prudent for neuroscientists to invent new ways to manipulate the human brain if this technology is primarily used to sell McDonalds to children instead of treating depression?

    Is it wise to create a device that can be used to predict the future when it will only be replicated by those who have already lied, cheated and manipulated their way to great wealth and power?

    Einstein and Currie didn’t set out to enable the creation of the most brutal and deadly weapon ever conceived. The man who invented pepper spray loathes that his invention is used to suppress peaceful protest. While we need these innovations, the academics who conceive of them must acknowledge – at every step of developing a new technology – where this technology will be used once it leaves the university.

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