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Scientists Discover Hyperthymesia-The Perfect Memory

Have you ever wondered what an excelent memory really means and supposes? Well, here’s the amazing case of Marilu Henner, a 59 year old actress who has stunned scientists. The woman as all people diagnosed with hyperthymesia is able to remember anything that has taken place in her life and she even recalls moments and events of her early years.

This superior autobiographical memory enables people like Marilu to remember details about her life that other people would forget in a couple of days. She remembers what she ate and the clothes she wore 40 years ago. Ask her a date and she will tell you what the weather was like that day, what events took place, what she ate and so on. Just immagine that!

visual of the human brain

Even if her case is not unique, not too many people have been diagnosed with hyperthymesia. And this can only make scientists be very careful when talking about the human brain and its limits.

Marilu Henner

Although, many people are left speechless when finding out about such a memory, Marilu Henner finds her memory capacities as nothing special. She says that it’s all like images on a DVD. You just look for a certain image and then you remember anything related to it. She can remember thousands of faces whereas a normal person can only recall 250 and she also claims to remember every day of her life since her age of 11.

Marilu Henner

This condition has been identified back in 2006 and there are only 20 cases of people diagnosed with Hyperthymesia. This concept is still new and little is known about it. What scientists believe is that this is a matter related to the way people can acess their data. This only confirms the idea that scientists have asserted that people don’t use the full potential of their brain.

Though some would say that this kind of memory would make life easier and would improve it, some of the people diagnosed with this memory capacity state that an excelent memory can easily be associated with a difficult and traumatic condition. That’s because they remember the bad things that happen to them as well and not only those that made them happy.

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