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What to choose? It seems that everybody wants to make us buying a SSD for our computers. But are they better than HDDs, except that they have a bigger storage capacity?


What is Solid-state disk (SSD)?

Solid-state disk (SSD) are the new storage disk model, which uses semiconductors memory system. They use only microchips, unlike HDDs, which are electro-mechanic devices that use mobile storage disks.

Because they want to change all the disk storage market, at some point, the manufacturers provided the SSDs with the same interface as the HDD, for a better replace.


Advantages of SSD

SSD don’t have mechanical parts, meaning that they will not broke as HDDs used to do. Most of them used to crush because of the mechanical issues that appeared. Because SSDs work approximately like a flash memory, they have a very low failure rate.

The best advantage of SSDs is that they have a higher speed than HDDs. This will improve a lot the startup and the processing time. This is happening because of the lack of moving parts, which also brings lack of noise.


Disadvantages of SSDs

Since SSD is a new technology, it is far away from being perfect. This is also the reason why they are pretty expensive. Until they will become more commonplace, their price will be pretty higher than the one that HDDs have.

Another disadvantage of SSD is that they have a lower writing time than HDDs. Also, they have limited write-cycle lifetimes. This means that even if you have a bigger speed of processing, you will also have a lower speed of writing data on the SSD.



Spin-up time: SSD start faster than HDD, because of the lack of mechanical parts.
Random access time: SSD offer 0.1 ms random access time, while HDD needs 5-10 ms.
Read latency time: because of the mechanical components, HDD have a higher read latency time.
Data transfer rate Consistent read performance: Both SSD and HDD have the same consistent read performance.
Fragmentation: SSD don’t require fragmentation, while HDD do.
Noise: SSD make a very low noise, while HDD can be pretty significant.
Temperature control: SSD can tolerate high temperatures, while HDD need a cooler.
Resistance to shocks: SSD are very resistant to shocks, while HDD can easily broke.
Installation and mounting SSD don’t require a special position to function properly, as HDD do.
Weight and size: SSD are smaller and lighter than HDD.
Lifetime: SSD last longer than HDD.

In conclusion, excepting the higher price, SSD are much better than HDD.

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