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Gaming Tablet: Razer Project Fiona specs

People’s Voice: Razer Project Fiona

Gaming Tablet Razer Project Fiona

Shown at CES 2012, Razer Project Fiona concept represents the first gaming tablet so far. Once it’s released, the razer gaming tablet will certainly have success in the gaming world. In fact, the more games it can run, the better success it will have.

Even as a prototype, razer’s gaming tablet surely made a lot of noise world-wide. Project’s Fiona gaming tablet would be the first such tablet to hit the market, featuring incorporated dual-controllers. As it turns out, razer’s gaming tablet can run games like Skyrim on ultra-high settings.

Regarding the official specs of this razer’s gaming tablet, the GPU is still a mystery (probably still in development, with different technologies being tested for optimal performance), but it is a known fact that Project’s Fiona gaming tablet will be embedded with Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor.

Project’s Fiona gaming tablet probably represents the most innovative device presented at CES 2012, its introduction meaning a radical change in the world of gaming. In order to increase the maneuverability, dual-controllers have been attached, a gaming tablet with only touchscreen being quite pesky. No worries though, razer’s gaming tablet will still be portable, much alike any other tablets invented so far. As a bonus to functionality and games compatibility, Project’s Fiona gaming tablet will be powered by Windows 8 operating system, giving it the extra flexibility it required.

As for the downsides of a gaming tablet in general, the battery life is the first aspect that could represent a potential pitfall. Unofficial information regarding the battery life estimated that the battery would be fully drained in only a couple of hours, 2 or 3 to be exact. Considering the fact that a gaming tablet consumes a lot of resources, this was foreseen by everyone, including the developers. Therefore, a power cable would be required in order to have a successful gaming session, but this would also reduce the portable appeal of the gaming tablet.

Another important downside that may appear sometime in the (near) future, is the need for upgrade. As graphics and games tend to become more and more complex, hardware upgrades are needed to be made, sooner or later. It is quite hard to imagine a gaming tablet of any kind being upgradeable.

As for the investment needed to acquire such a gaming tablet, the price tag will probably be around $900, maybe more. It remains to be seen if such a gaming tablet can become the number one choice versus a PC. My guess is: maybe, but not in the near future.

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