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Two People Arrested for Stealing Items in Lineage II

The Internet is taking over our lives!

Now, joking aside, this is a serious issue. Today two people were arrested in Japan for theft. What’s curious is that the theft took place in Lineage II.

That’s right, a couple of hackers stole items from various Lineage II users and they were arrested.

The procedure wasn’t as simple as the hackers did work a bit to develop their scheme. What they did was develop an “addon” which allegedly helped users play the game.

In reality, that “addon” was actually program stole account names and passwords from the users. When the users and passwords were at their disposal the hackers started selling off collectible items and such for real money.

Lineage II in game shot

Lineage II in game shot

This practice is not unusual as nowadays the Internet will gladly take your money for some virtual gifts to be sent.

Getting back to the Lineage II thieves, they managed to rake in about 1 million yen before being apprehended. That’s the equivalent of around $12.000 so they did pretty good.

Sadly, the Japanese police was notified by the victims and the administrators of Lineage II and this lead to the hackers being sent behind bars.

The money made by the pair does seem to be appealing doesn’t it? In actual fact, targeting MMORPG or other online platforms and stealing items is relatively easy in comparison to “robbing” an online store.

This is because security for such programs isn’t always at it’s tightest point. I’m glad the Lineage II bandits were caught and are now behind bars but perhaps game developers will soon pay more attention to these security issues.

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2 thoughts on “Two People Arrested for Stealing Items in Lineage II

  1. That screenshot is a Silkroad Online in-game shot, it’s NOT Lineage II. There’s a HUGE difference between the GUI of these 2 games.

  2. I will admit to my being wrong. I have no idea about either games but in my rush to get a relatively good quality image I may have cocked it up.

    Any chance you can point me to a non copyrighted relatively high res from Lineage 2?

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