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Fifa 2012 Serial Number / CD Key ( No Crack, Keygen, Torrents )

FIFA 2012 is nothing new among soccer fans and video game players. Also known as FIFA Soccer 12, this one is the latest installment that Electronics Art have produced. FIFA 2012 comes with some visible changes making the game be one that is both challenging and addictive.

Fifa 12

Accurate, complete and exciting, FIFA 12 comes with a set of excellent new features that include the tactical defending system, the player impact engine and head-to-head seasons. With the new tactical defending system, things change and you no longer hold down the two “pressing” buttons, send the players in to close down attackers and win the ball. Now your player will track the attacker and remain few feet away keeping him held back.  Thus, the players will become a little more skilful and intelligent than in the previous FIFA.


The new impact engine gives FIFA 12 a greater touch of realism. So, the game will try to present the collision between players as realistically as possible. The precision dribbling will now alllow you to have more accuracy in controlling the ball in close quarters. You can also use small and quick touches to control the ball and this will only allow you to perform sharp turns .

What FIFA 2012 brings new is also the Head to Head Seasons as well as the Online Friendliness. The first  feature is nothing but an online league that is split in several divisions.  Division 10 is where you start and after each 10-game season , you’ll see whether you  get promoted or not or if you are relagated to a lower division.

All divisions have their own cup to win. For instance, the lower divisions have the EA Shield and the tournaments cups take place once a few weeks. A table is used to show the number of players for each division. Your performance will be tracked and thus you’ll have the possibility to make comparisons to the rest of the online community.

As mentioned earlier, FIFA 2012 brings the Online Friendliness. Your results will be tracked even when you play against your friends.  A new season with 10 matches is created with every friend you play against. The one who wins at the end of the season gets a trophy.

In case you don’t play against a friend and you choose a random opponent, then you’ll have to choose your team before picking the opponent. This way, you’ll get to play against an opponent that has the same team level or at least a similar one. The game will automatically take into account your controls, skills and location.

The EA Sports Football Club will keep track of your performance no matter if you play in the offline or online mode. Regardless of your game mode, you will be awarded for the experience points and this will enable you to compare your performance with anyone else in the world playing the game.

If you manage to get a rich experience and great accomplishments, then you have the possibility to support real-life clubs from anywhere in the world. And this has nothing to do with the team you’re playing as.

Real events from the world of football are planned to be incorporated in the EA Sports Football Club. Let’s just say that Liverpool beats Everton in real life. Well, you’ll have the possibility to replay that match and to try to change the outcome.

It’s easy to navigate with the menus that FIFA 12 comes up with and the visuals are more detailed. In what the sound, the presentation and the graphics are concerned, FIFA 12 is uncannily realistic making the game be a landmark sports game.

Now if you’re among those who lost the FIFA 12 CD key or serial number, here’s what you have to do in order to get it back.  This CD key is nothing but the serial number one can find inside the DVD case of the game. This number serves as a license and it is used when you install FIFA 12 the first time.

If you want to reinstall the game or play it online, you’ll need this CD key and if you lost it, then the DVD becomes useless. Now before starting the procedure, you must know some things. You need to have had installed FIFA 12 at least one time and the primary hard drive mustn’t have been erased.  If you’ve just uninstalled the game, then you’ll  have to hit OK.


There are two methods you can use to recover your FIFA 12 CD key.

1st Method

1. The first method consists in using a free license finding program ( like WinkeyFinder or License Crawler) that will practically search for licenses of any app installed. Then, this software will display a list with all the results found. If FIFA 12 is in the list, then all you have to do is to click on it and you’ll get the product number.

2. If you don’t see FIFA 12 in the list, then click on one of the results displayed, install it and then launch it.

2nd Method

1. Now if, the first method hasn’t worked, you’ll have to go for the second one. So, in order to open the Run menu, just press the Start+R buttons.

2. When the Start window opens, type “regedit” and then hit Enter.

3.  Near “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” there’s an arrow. You will have to click on it in order to make the folder open. Follow the same steps in the case of  “Software”.

4. Now make sure you find “Electronic Arts” in the big list and then expand the item. After that, double-click on FIFA 12.

5. You should see a registry entry named “CD key “Code” in the right side of the screen. Click on it and the serial number should appear.

This method addresses to those who have purchased a legit copy of the game and installed it since FinestDaily does not encourage the use of illegal methods to retrieve the FIFA 12 serial number.



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