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EKing T9: The World’s Thinnest Tablet

The world’s thinnest tablet, E King T9, was announced by Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology. Apart from being the world’s thinnest tablet up to date, E King T9 also has some impressive capabilities and specs.

Oddly stated, as a Chinese manufacturer being the source of E King T9 tablet, the usual cheap knock-offs resembled in most Chinese products is not entirely true in this case, since E King T9, at least in prospect, represents quite an achievement in the world of tablets. E King T9 is referred to as ‘the world’s thinnest tablet’, but its slimness isn’t necessarily its biggest attraction, since the specs also look quite interesting, and the multiple operating system compatibility can only be a plus in the future development and success regarding this particular product.

E king t9 launch

Even though the information regarding E King T9 is somewhat limited, there are certain aspects that are known for sure. The display featured in the E King T9 tablet will be a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, the world’s thinnest tablet will also feature a 1.5GHz Intel Z670 processor, front and rear cameras and 2GB of memory.

Information so far states that E King T9 tablet is designed to be compatible to multiple operating systems, such as: Windows 7, Android, Windows 8, Ubuntu and Meego.

That’s basically all the information regarding E King T9 released by the Chinese manufacturer, along with some press photos of the future tablet.

Yet another notable aspect is the originality of the E King T9 tablet, since China is known for its imitations and for its projects of manufacturing for other companies, so an original Chinese device is certainly a step forward for the Chinese industry, even in the form of ‘the world’s thinnest tablet’.

Even if the E King T9 tablet is considered to be the world’s thinnest tablet, official dimensions regarding the actual tablet have not yet been made public, which is quite odd. Additional information regarding price, lines of distribution, dimensions and other certain aspects were not yet unveiled, but in prospect E King T9 is an impressive product that could have its amount of success if released sooner rather than later.

It remains to be seen if E King T9 will be released soon and certainly, users around the world are expecting it to be quite a good bargain. Back that up with a fair price, good specs, multiple operating system capabilities and E King T9 could have more success than expected. It is by a long shot, true, but the idea of a relatively small company making an original product with potential value is quite desirable.

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