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Pair by Apple: the latest app to make long distances come closer!

apple pair

apple pair

Nicole and Robbie just suffered a bitter break up. It was not particularly anybody’s fault. After college Robbie had to come down to Houston while Nicole stayed back with her parents in New Jersey. They tried to keep the flame alive for couple of months but that was not easy. Skype schedules, long distance calls and FB pages were not good enough to keep their two and half years’ relation warm. Pity, they didn’t have Pair at that time.

We are talking about the new iPhone app ‘Pair’. It gives new hope to all lovers who are staying far away from partners. It allows you to save your long cherished relations.

Distance is always an enemy in any relation. After a certain time, it becomes impossible to bear the pain. Many of us try to maintain the warmth through long distance calls, text messaging, FB or twitter; but they have their limitations. They cannot allow you those private moments you enjoyed when you were together. However, ‘Pair’ can.

How it works

It works on the basis of privately shared timeline. You get this app on both the iPhones and pair with each other and start enjoying private moments away from public glare. It has some common functionalities of social networking sites and few unique features. Let’s see them.

1. You can share video, audio, messages, location information and photos with paired iPhone. Think of a scenario. You have to attend an evening party and not sure what to wear. Earlier, your boyfriend would have made the choice easy for you, but is he away from you now. With paired iPhone you can share photo or video instantly for his feedback. You can also share videos of private moments.

2. We do lot of funny stuffs when we are together with our loves. No long distance call or text messaging can substitute those experiences. This app has a unique feature of shared sketching. During your shared timeline, both of you can sketch together. Drawings help to express lot of emotions. So, you start a sketch and ask your lover to take the sketch ahead.

3. You can make a ‘thumb-kiss’. Pair allows to touch of each other (wow! not exactly though). You get a spot on the screen. When both of you touch that spot, phones start vibrating. Sound pretty phony indeed!

4. Developer of this app is also trying to introduce exotic games and activities in this platform. That will allow lovers to enjoy private gaming sessions.

5. Besides, you can post infinite number of ‘I miss you’ whenever you feel like.

This app is pretty simple. You can easily un-pair and re-pair two iPhones through this app. However, you can pair with only one at a time. So, get your relation a Pair. Next time when you’ll need to live away from your love, you won’t find it hard anymore. It’s like you are carrying a piece of shared time always with you.


About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She loves spending on tech stuff and recently bought a new sony ericsson w8 Smartphone. She is a game freak too. Recently she is writing an article on red tibetan mastiff.

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