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Best Laptop Video Cards

The big problem with the HD video format is that you will need some of the best laptop video cards to enjoy their full possibilities. Either you will watch them on an external monitor or on the screen of your laptop, the video card is the most important component so that you to obtain the best video quality.

Also, those who would want to play some of the newest 2012 games, should be aware that most of them ask for some high performance from the video card. This is why we decided to make a guide that will help you find the best laptop video cards.

best laptop video cards

Best laptop video cards for 3D

As I said above, to obtain a real good experience, you need a real good graphic card. This is why, our recommendation regarding the best laptop video cards for 3D goes for ATI or NVidia. While the video cards made by ATI are the most popular, NVidia offers many products from were to choose. Yet, we love the GeForce 7000 series. This will be a great video card for gaming since it is DirectX 9 compatible.

Best laptop video cards: NVidia GeForce 7000 series

NVidia GeForce 7000 series represent a leap regarding the quality offered by video cards, thanks to the revolutionary technologies used. Available models from this series are GeForce 7100 GPUs, , GeForce 7200 GPUs, GeForce 7300 GPUs, GeForce 7600 GPUs,
GeForce 7800 GPUs, GeForce 7900 GPUs and. GeForce 7950 GPUs.

best laptop video cards

Some of the specifications of this best video card are:

- NVIDIA® CineFX® 4.0 Shading Architecturewhich offersVertex Shaders, Pixel Shaders, Next-Generation Texture Engine, Full 128-bit studio-quality floating point precision.
- 64-Bit Texture Filtering and Blending
- NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 Technology
- NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ II Technology
- NVIDIA® SLI™ Technology
- NVIDIA® PureVideo™ Technology
- NVIDIA® TurboCache™ Technology
- API Support
- Advanced Display Functionality

Best laptop video cards: AMD/ATI Radeon 1000 series

best laptop video cards

Also compatible with DirectX 9, AMD/ATI Radeon 1000 series are the second when it comes about best laptop video cards. AMD/ATI Radeon 1000 series offer 8 products: ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1300, ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1350, ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1400, ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1600, ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1700, ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1800 and ATI Mobility Radeon™ x1900.

best laptop video cards

Some of the characteristics of this best laptop video cards series are:

-Shader 3.0 model
- Ring bus memory controller
- 64-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) with anti-aliasing
- 32-bit floating point precision full time
- 2D video processing enhancements
- CrossFire support
- Anisotropic Filter Modes

So, if you are asking us, those two series are the best when it comes about best laptop video cards. Tell us your experience and what other video card you consider it should be here?

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