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PhotoLive Chrome Extension Helps You Download Facebook Photos

Everybody knows that Facebook is one of the leading social networks and I bet you are one of its users since you’re reading this article. Then you’re in the right place because this post will teach you how to download Facebook photos using PhotoLive Chrome Extension.

Uploading photos on your Facebook profile is just a piece of cake and it’s the best way for other people to see where you’ve spent your holidays, how was your birthday party and so on and I think you most probably agree. Well, downloading them may raise some difficulties. There are a lot of tools that will do this task but many of them will require access to your Facebook profile with all your data.

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If you’re not happy about these tools and about using all your data to get the photos you want, then PhotoLive is the way! This tool will give you the possibility to save any photos and albums you can view without having to access your account.

So, here are the steps you have to follow in order to download Facebook photos using PhotoLive:

  1. 1 The first thing to do is to go to the chrome web store and download PhotoLive Exension for Google Chrome. After you’ve downloaded and installed it, you can get to the next step.
  2. 2 Once PhotoLive is installed, you will notice a new button when you view albums on a Facebook profile. You must click on this PhotoLive button in order for the plugin to initiate. This plugin will work only for albums and not for individual photos.
  3. PhotoLive
  4. 3 You will see a new Download Album button on the preview page of the album. Click on this button to go on with the procedure. This will redirect you to the PhotosLive page. The tool will collect all the necessary data and then the download of the album will start.
  5. 4 The last thing to do after the download is finished is to extract the archive to the location you want and that’s about all! You can now enjoy the photographs any time you want!


When it comes to downloading individual photos, you will have to use the manual page of PhotoLive. This is simple and will download the photos in no time. Just copy the URL link of the photographs you want to download and have on your computer. Paste the link on the manual download page and then click on the download button. You can use this procedure even if Google Chrome is not your default browser.

PhotoLive will give you the possibility to download high-quality full-size images and it doens’t even take too much time or some sophisticated steps. So, it’s worth trying it!

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