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iPod Touch + App + Wi-Fi + Headset = Cheaper iPhone 4G

Earlier versions of iPod touch could have been transformed into an iPhone, but the operation required jailbreak – now it’s much easier to do it. With the right apps and equipment, you will have a cheaper iPhone. The latest iPhone and iPod touch are very similar, more exactly the only difference between them is you cannot make calls with your iPod.

But look no further, because with just a few ingredients you will be able to use your iPod just like an iPhone. You need an iPod (not neccesarily the latest), a VoIP app, a constant Wi-Fi connection and an iPod compatible headset – unless you like using speakers.

Calls and SMS

For the first step, you can use several apps to make calls via Wi-Fi – and all thanks to some ambitious developers.

Skype - you can make calls to other Skype users, only for $0.00, and to a regular phone number, which will cost you more. However, it is not completely reliable as it might interrupt your conversation. Texts work perfectly with it, but they are a little costy – $0.112. The application is free, so you can go ahead and test with no risks included.

Fring – has a lot of features, such as VoIP, 3G video chat, etc. Fring sounds like a good choice as it can initiate high quality calls, and it works well if you have a SiP (Session Initiation Protocol) account – with services as GTalk. It does not support text, but that can be replaced by services like AIM, MSN, ICQ, YIM, etc.

Line2 – the best application currently designed for this function. It is free to download, has a 30-day trial period, but after that it costs $10/month. It is not much considering you have unlimited texts and calls in USA and Canada, and you get a number in your area of choice. However, you need to keep the application running in the background to be notified for incoming calls – and if you don’t want to be disturbed you can always close it.

So, if you live in North America use Line2, if you use social networks and instant messaging services – pair it with Fring. But, you can always download all these apps and see wchich is the best for you.

Constant Wi-Fi

For the second step, you need to keep in mind you require a constant Wi-Fi connection to be able to use the iPod as a phone. As a home phone, the iPod would work perfectly with the Wi-Fi you have in your house. Moreover, if you want to make calls with your iPod anywhere, any constant Wi-Fi connection, would be enough. If you want the constant Wi-Fi connection to go with you, then you should check with your local suppliers and see which is the best offer.


You should also consider the quality in a 3G call is better than on an iPhone, but it has considerable lag. Also, when the call is dropped (happens at the same frequency as the iPhone), the iPod still recognizes it as active. Another thing to consider is the battery life. With an active Wi-Fi connection, your battery life might go from one day to just a few hours.

Considering the pros, by using your iPod as a phone, you save money, get double the storage space, and cellular reception will no longer be a problem if you have Wi-Fi. Considering the cons, it’s not a phone and does not have all the features of the iPhone, including proper recognition of dropped calls, GPS and a good camera.

So what is the point of releasing both an iPhone and an iPod? The price? The hope that maybe people want to have them both? Try right now to use your iPod for making calls and let us know what you think. Also, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment and ask for help.

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4 thoughts on “iPod Touch + App + Wi-Fi + Headset = Cheaper iPhone 4G

  1. I have been trying to figure out how this constant wifi for my ipod works. i have downloaded the free texting app because i no longer have a phone and found a calling one as well. I’m just confused on how i can have wifi anywhere to turn my ipod into a phone.. I would appreciate any help. thank you

  2. I have had the Line2 service for about a month now. I recently ended my cell service with metro pcs. The only way that i can see to be able to use the ipod anywhere is you have to have a wifi hotspot device with you so you will have 3 or 4 g wifi speed access. The services are availablefrom several companies starting at around $4O a month which is what i was paying for my metro service. So by the time you add the $40 wifi access plus the $9.95 a month to Line 2 your paying more than you would for an actual cell phone service. I love my ipod and don’t mind using the ear bud/microphone setup to place my calls. If apple would make the bluetooth accessible to use with a wireless headset i could see sticking with the ipod phone.

  3. I have successfully used a motorola H390 bluetooth earpiece for making calls on line2 with my ipod touch 4. You have to answer as well as hang up the incoming call on the phone app itself,meaning you cannot answer a call by pressing the button on the bluetooth itself, but it works just fine to speak and hear into.

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