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How To Improve iOS 5 Devices Battery Life

One of the problems with iOS5 devices points to battery issues. As we’ve let you know this week, many iPhone 4S users have complained about having issues with their device battery. Still, this doesn’t happen only in the case of iPhone 4S but with other devices running iOS 5, too.

The reasons for this issue are related to the wireless syncing, iCloud integration, the possibility to push data (email, contacts and calendar) from multiple accounts as well as to the great use of location services. All these do nothing else but to drain your battery significantly.

Apple has promised to come up with a fix for this problem, but till then there are some things you can do to track down the source of your power problems and maybe even tackle them.

1. Location Services

One of the best things about iOS 5 is the fact that it is able to tell apps where you are. Well to enjoy this feature of the operating system , you’ll have to deal with a shorter battery life. So, if you want to save battery, then you can switch the location services off . All you have to do is to go to Settings and then to Location Service. Here you’ll see On and Off. Make sure you opt for Off.

If you still want to enjoy the Location Sevices feature, then one thing you can do is to see which apps use these services. They will be denoted by a purple arrow. If you don’t need those apps to use the location services, then switch them off.

2.  iCloud

Another great feature when it comes to iOS 5 is iCloud. This enables data transfer from your iOS device to the cloud. Being that great, it’s no wonder that this will eat up a lot of your battery. In order to do some adjustments related to iCloud, then go to Settings and then to iCloud.

You’ll find here several options. For example, Photo Stream will let iCloud transfer each pictures you take to the cloud. So, think about this. You can turn Photo Stream off and thus save battery. If Documents&Data is also switched on, then more data will be sent to the cloud.

Don’t worry about iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and Storage&Backup, though. These will work only when there’s a powered connection attached to your iOS device.

3. System Services

Some of the System Services options may not interest you but if they are on, then they’ll drain your battery. So, why not switching them off? Just go to Settings>Location Services>System Services. If you don’t use Setting Time Zone, then why keeping it on? You can do the same with options like Location-based iAds, Traffic, Compass calibration and others of this type. You will definitely improve your iOS 5 device battery life.

4.  Siri

For those who own an iPhone 4S, then disabling the option that invokes Siri each time you lift the phone to your face will surely improve your battery life. To do that, you’ll have to go to Settings and then to Siri. Here, you will have to disable the Raise to Speak option.

If you do this, then all you have to do to awaken Siri is to press and hold the home button.

5. Notifications

The visual and audio notifications will drain your battery faster. So, you can switch off those alerts you can do without. Just go to Settings and then to Notifications. Here, you’ll be able to switch off those you’re not interested in.

6. Auto-Lock

When you update your iPhone to iOS 5, the Auto-Lock settings will change. Make sure you configure your device to auto-lock after a minute or so by going to Settings and then to General.

7. Push

The data push feature that comes with iOS 5 is great indeed. But as other great features, this will surely make you charge you battery more often. In this case, you can go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>Fetch New Data. Here you’ll be able to flip the Push switch off.

You can set your device to fetch data once every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour. You can also go for the Manually option. Thus data will be delivered to your device only when you use an app that requests it.

You also have the possibility to pick and choose which accounts push and thus you can adjust the settings for each account you use. When you reach Fetch New Data, go to Advanced and thus you’lll be able to do that.

These are some of the things you can do till the forthcoming iOS 5 update comes (this is supposed to bring a fix for the battery issues). Still, if you go for all of them, then you’ll find yourself with a rather dull device. Go for those options that suit your needs and thus eliminate the battery drain issues.

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