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How to make money on Youtube

There are several ways to make money on Youtube. There are a ot of people who made, until now, hundreds of thousands of dollars off their videos. A good example of one of those who are living from making money from Youtube is Philip DeFranco, who annually makes no less than 250.000 dollars.

Bellow you will find our guide on making money on Youtube. If you know other methods, feel free to share with us. Also, we will be gladly to hear about your experiences regarding making money on Youtube.

How to make money on Youtube

Guide on making money on Youtube

Important rules regarding the content you will upload:

-your content should be original or at least to have permission from its creator.
-your content should be appropriate for children
-your content should not be a cover song, since this is not counted as original

Step 1:

How to make money on Youtube

To start making money on Youtube you will need to find a topic that has potential to become a viral. It seems to work great when you upload videos with puppies, kittens or children. Try to film them with a performing camera and edit it into an watchable video. It should not be too long, so that people have the patience to watch it.

Step 2:

How to make money on Youtube

Find an easy to be searched title and try to make it as catchable as you can. This is one of the important things when it comes about making money from Youtube. Some of the legendary videos from Youtube, that made hundred of dollars thanks to their name, are “Sneezing Panda” or “David after Dentist”.

Step 3:

How to make money on Youtube

Repeat step one and two as many times as you can. The main secret on making money on Youtube is to maximize your chances to be seen by others. This is the main condition to become an Youtube partner: “regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.”

For a maximum viewership try to use as much as you can the power of the social networks. Ask your friends to share your videos and try to become as visible as you can.

Step 4:

If your uploaded content goes well, than Youtube will send you an email on the site’s “Inbox”, asking you to apply for “revenue sharing for your video (Video Title).” The bad news is that you can make money only from the approved video, and not from any other uploaded videos.

You can also apply directly for YouTube’s Partner Program if you have enough video uploads and views. If you will be approved you can find different methods to make money from Youtube, such as renting your videos.

Take care that, if Youtube will reject your application, you will not be able to apply again for at least two months.

Step 5:

How to make money on Youtube

Link a Google AdSense account to your YouTube account, to get paid for your videos. This can be easily done by visiting Google’s Adsense page.

You will get paid only when your video will make a minimum amount of 100 dollars.

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