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How to get on deep web using TOR

Ever heard about the Hidden Wiki or the deep web? Actually, this is the place from where most of Wikileaks or memes are coming from. Yet, since this is not a place for everybody, I have to warn you before telling you how to access deep web that you have to be very, very careful there and not surf randomly around. Also, you need to know that on deep web you need a very good protection, since there are a lot of illegal stuffs and you want to remain anonymous.

What is deep web?

Deep Web

Deep web can be easily called the unconscious of the internet. More precise, deep web is the biggest part of the internet, that can’t be accessed by anyone. Compared to the world wide web, the deep web is gargantuan. While the surface web has only 500 terabytes of information the deep web contains 70,500 terabytes of information. Huge, no?

But that’s not all! On the deep web you can find almost 5500 billion individual documents, while you can find only 10 billion on the surface web. What this information contains? Everything! And when I say everything, I mean exactly this, no matter if it passes the limits of legality, morality or other norms. You will see there entire lists, articles, information about hackers, drug dealers, scientists, astronomers, assassins, physicists, revolutionaries, Police, Government officials, Feds, perverts, terrorists, data miners, kidnappers, sociologists, etc. Everything!

But not everything on deep web is that bad. There you can find also good things as e-books, movies, leaks, ideas, articles and basically, almost whatever you want so I really think that it worth a try if you know how to be careful.

Deep web has its own currency, named bitcoin. There are banks in the world who change real values on bitcoins and bitcoins in real values.

How to access deep web?

In order to access the deep web you need to use TOR. The web pages from deep web have a special extension .onion and a complicated name. For example, the address for Hidden wiki is kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion. This one goes down often so don’t worry if you cannot access it.

Hidden wiki deep page

Before telling you how to access the deep web, I should tell you that if you just click randomly there, you need a hard stomach because there are things  that are not easily digestible, such as child porn, rapes and a lot of other weird stuffs. While the information on the deep web is colossally deluging, it should not be feared. In most aspects, the information is just there, it is what you choose to do with the information that can lead you to trouble and imprisonment.

So, in order to get to deep web you need a good protection, TOR and Firefox browser with an extension.

1. Once you have them installed, click Start Tor Browser.
2. Firefox will open up and you will be somehow anonymous on the deep web.
3. Access .onion files and remember that you are not 100% anonymous.

For your own protection you need at least a good firewall, a good antivirus, your webcam disconnected or covered with something, javascript cookies disabled. A CCleaner is always good when you surf deep web with TOR.

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