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Download SoundCloud for iOS / Android

If you are already familiar with soundcloud.com, you can probably imagine the potential this app has for you. Created to promote less known artists, the website is easy and free to use. The app comes in handy wherever you are – you can not only share the music you make, but also record it. Wherever you might, in the comfort of your studio or on the road with your band, you can use the app to share your work instantly.

The first thing you need when using SoundCloud is an account, which can be created from scratch or linked to your Facebook one to access this site and the app. You’re all set to start uploading, downloading, listening, commenting on, and rating songs. Some of those don’t necessary need an account, but if you want to use all its features, you should have one.


SoundCloud on iPhone

The apps are presented differently on the two operating systems, the interface having slight modifications. Moreover, different versions come with different user complaints and bugs. If you are planning to install the free iOS version, know there is no way of currently downloading your files. Moreover, the search function could have more additions, while a favorite feature isn’t available at all.

If you are one of the Android users, the problems seem to be quite the same. Most noticeably, there is no download button for users, but there have also been a few complaints regarding the favorites lists which have been emptied after one of the past updates.

Both the iOS and Android versions have huge playback and streaming issues, users getting sometimes more errors than actual plays. Note that on Android the app might act differently on different devices. Moreover, both versions feature sharing to your Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, while the Android supports uploading even from other apps.

However, if you are using SoundCloud, you are probably in need of a platform to share your music – and this app does it almost perfectly. Even with its few bugs, you can expect a lot of features that will make your artist life easier, and the updates will probably bring improvements in the future versions.

Download SoundCloud for iOS

Operating System: iOS 3.0 or later – iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Size: 3.4 MB
Current Version: 1.7
Updated: July 7, 2011
Developer: SoundCloud Ltd.
Homepage: soundcloud.com/apps/iphone
Price: $0

Download SoundCloud for Android

Operating System: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.3 MB
Current Version: 1.4.4
Updated: September 6, 2011
Developer: SoundCloud Ltd.
Homepage: soundcloud.com/apps/android
Price: $0

SoundCloud has been tested and approved by FinestDaily.

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