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Download Digsby’s Instant Messenger [No Crack, Keygen, Serial, Torrents]

As I’m writing and you’re reading these few lines I know there are some issue you’re having with either instant message or email clients. Happily for you, I’ve got what’s possibly the best solution for both those tasks.

It’s called Digsby and after having been using it for a few months now I have to say I’m awfully pleased with it.

At this point, some of you may say they happily use Pidgin, or some other client and have great experiences with it.

Digsby Logo

Digsby Logo

Fear not, I’m not slacking off what Instant Messengers can do for you, I’m just saying Digsby is better. Much, much better actually, because it offers much, much more.

Going through the list, Digsby can connect you to your Yahoo, Yahoo mail, Gmail, G-Talk, Live Messenger (previously MSN Messenger), Hotmail, Aim, Aol Mail, ICQ, Jabber, POP3 and IMAP email accounts all at the same time.

Pretty solid connectivity from Digsby and than it plays it’s joker, you can go social with it and connect to Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and even Twitter. What more could you want?

Well, you could want Digsby to be fully customizable and you’ll be glad to find out it is. You may also want it to be low on resource consumption.

On this front is where Digsby amazes. It uses a quarter of the RAM Yahoo Messenger used and I’m connected to G-Talk, Gmail, Twitter, Hotmail and Yahoo at the same time.

Digsby personalization

Digsby personalization

Convinced yet about how Digsby is the best free IM client out there?

You’ll find the download links for Windows, Mac or Linux here.

Disclaimer: FinestDaily does not offer any illegal ways to download Digsby. On FinestDaily you will not find warez, torrents, keygens, rapidshare downloads, serial keys, cracks, or any other illegal methods to download Digsby. FinestDaily only offers Digsby’s program developer download link, if it is available. Please do not ask us for piracy methods (torrents, cracks, keygens, warez, serial keys/numbers) to download Digsby.

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