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What to choose? It seems that everybody wants to make us buying a SSD for our computers. But are they better than HDDs, except that they have a bigger storage capacity? What is Solid-state disk (SSD)? Solid-state disk (SSD) are the new storage disk model, …

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Best Laptop Video Cards

Best Laptop Video Cards

The big problem with the HD video format is that you will need some of the best laptop video cards to enjoy their full possibilities. Either you will watch them on an external monitor or on the screen of your laptop, the video card is …

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Samsung Google TV On The Way

Samsung Google TV On The Way

Samsung is now setting the last details with Google on the next best product that will change the way television is seen. Google TV was initially presented in January 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show on a Blu-ray player. However, nothing has practically been launched …

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AMD FX Unlocked Processors

AMD Brings Forth FX-8150

Yes, that’s right! AMD finally brings out the FX processors line! Many of you have probably waited for this to happen since long ago and now that the Bulldozer-based FX processors are out and about, we thought some details related to them would do just …

Nvidia GTX 590

Nvidia Strikes Back with the GeForce GTX 590

With AMD having recently revised their flagship Dual-GPU card, the HD 6990, Nvidia couldn’t have stood by and watched. The Nvidia response came in the form of the GTX 590, a dual core graphics card that has some serious performance to offer for the highend …

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Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 is The New King of 5.1

The hardware geek within me is disappointed with the new Logitech Z906 but the style loser I am is very impressed with the new Logitech Z906. That’s because even though Logitech just updated their flagship PC 5.1 sound system, the changes aren’t focused on the …


AMD Radeon HD6990

AMD Delivers Yet More Dual-GPU Graphics with Radeon HD6990

Being a nVidia fan, it seriously pains me to say this but here we go. ATI AMD have come up with a new version of their flagship Dual-GPU graphics card and it’s amazing. Called the AMD Radeon HD6990 it’s simply every hardcore gaming enthusiast’s dream …

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World's largest touchscreen

Meet the World’s Largest Touchscreen

Touchscreen fanatics beware, the following item contains information that may potentially affect your heart rate or even your bowel movement. What we have here is the world’s largest touchscreen and this isn’t no marketing palaver, it’s the real stuff. The touchscreen in question is basically …

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Phase One IQ180

Phase One Launches 80 Megapixel Camera

In a world where even portable gaming consoles, not just smartphones have capable photographing ability, a device which is just a simple camera seems rather daft. However, when having a single purpose from a camera, or just about any device, you get a great deal …

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Read again if you can't believe your eyes, but it's true!

AMD Phenom Processor Reaches 7 GHz

Seems a little too hard to believe, right? Well, don’t  get all too excited yet. The AMD processor did reach that high, but under special circumstances: an overclocking event in Brazil. And the Xtreme Systems Forums team is responsible for this. You can see more …

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