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Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II disappeared from Steam

Remember how I was telling you about Dragon Age II downloads and why you should hold off for a while? That article was based around buying the game as a digital distribution and to do so by using Valve’s Steam platform. Since then a few …

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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest trailer

First shown at ComicCon 2011 just days ago, it’s finally time that the rest of the world gets a decent look at what the next Star Wars game promises. Within the launch of the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic we see a new genre …

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Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal gets closer to launch

Despite more downs than ups throughout the years, Twisted Metal is a special franchise for the hearts of most early gamers. A new installment from the Twisted Metal lineup is scheduled to be launched in 2011 so apart from rejoicing we can also look a …


WOW Free To Play

Free To Play gaming

There’s an ever growing trend recently of games, real ones not the “written over the weekend” flash variety, going free. Free to play has been around for a while, especially in the MMORPG variety with varying levels of success but it’s only recently that we …


Dragon Age II

About Dragon Age II Download

Dragon Age II has been out for quite some time new and it seems like the more players interact with it the more its popularity keeps to an ascending path. There’s no doubt that BioWare developed yet another great game as a sequel to its …

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Fail within modern video games

Fail within modern video games

Those of you who had been gaming since a time when having a Riva TNT2 graphics card was quite the achievement will probably say that old games have quite a few excuses for the shortcomings they had. Nowadays however, when running a modern video game …

Dirt 3

Top 5 racing games you have to play in 2011

Recently it feels like the racing genre is barely surviving. The only upside to the current evolution of racing games is that the very few that have survived up to this point are genuinely worth it. In thinking of a great novel from Matthew Reilly …

Worms Armageddon

Worms – a franchise that lost its way

Casual or professional I doubt there’s a gamer out there that doesn’t have some sort of contact with one or more of the games in the Worms franchise. This sort of exposure leads to countless opinions and an overall proper rating system, something reviewers may …


Diablo 3

Diablo III release date leaked

We’ve covered World of Tanks with a decent amount of public interest and as much as I like it, the general agreement is that it was one of the finest surprises of 2011. For a change though, let’s talk about a game that’s not, under …

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Enter World of Tanks

Those who enter the World of Tanks never leave

Introduction To me, the most pleasant surprise of 2011 in regards to gaming was the launch of WarGaming’s World of Tanks. I’ve played it in the spring in beta form and I have been playing it ever since it went live. Why? Because as I’ve …

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