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Lupica George

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GTA V logo

GTA V launch rumored

Since pretty much the end of last year, the news and updates on Rockstar’s GTA V have been rather unimportant. Things are different now. Even though we’re back in the rumor stage of the affair, GTA V’s debut has suddenly come into the spotlight. Through …

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks – long term review

I’m almost a year away from celebrating my first year of activity within the World of Tanks realm and I reckon I’m ready to give you a totally biased opinion on it. Since the last time we covered the tanking MMORPG, there have been numerous …

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Sony PSP

Playstation Network Maintenance Cuts Freebies

Sony’s Playstation 3 console has been with us for five years now and to mark the occasion, the Japanese company brought all users a little frustration courtesy of the Network. I’m not talking about the movie, but their online service, the Playstation Network. Also I’m …

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Xbox 720 Concept

Console War Rage On At Microsoft And Sony

Though I am very intrigued and waiting for Nintendo’s Wii U, I will admit, the console war will just be warming up by its release date, as Microsoft and Sony are gearing up new attacks. More and more reports speak of the upcoming Microsoft XBOX …

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PETA against Battlefield 3 scene

PETA Turns To Protests Against Gaming

I wouldn’t be natural to talk about anything other than Xbox celebrations or disk issues with Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 today. And just because it wouldn’t feel natural I’ve decided to tell you about something rather different. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, …

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Introduces Us To The Sentinel

Assassin’s Creed Revelations has been unleashed on the gaming public today, if only in console spec. Though Playstation and Xbox 360 players are now too busy to do anything other than play it, us PC users will have to hang in there for another couple …

Ned Luke

GTA V Main Character Comes To Light

GTA V may be just a trailer and a bunch of rumors into its revealing process but it’s not going to keep anybody from being as interested as possible in it. After some quiet in regards to all things Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto V, …

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Caution: Steam Was Hacked

Steam is a wonderful platform and Valve have really changed the way most of us think about purchasing games and how many used to think about game piracy. Sadly, due to some issues with ungrateful or unfriendly people from the Steam forums, your data may …


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

The Aftermath of CoD: MW3 vs Battlefield 3

While the hype and marketing battle between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 has ended, the real war is only beginning. Just a couple of days off launch and Call of Duty seems to have been on the front page of every …

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 vs Call of Duty: MW3

In shooter land, there’s just no other confrontation as big as the rivalry between EA’s Battlefield franchise and Activision’s Call of Duty. Having made that clear, this rivalry will simply explode this year as both have recently started shipping out the games and while fans …

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